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Major projects completed by C3 Resources in recent years include:


  • Led PHA and PHA revalidations at approximately 50 separate facilities, primarily using HAZOP method.  Types of facilities include gas processing plants, treating plants, gas storage facilities and LPG terminals.

  • Performed approximately 100 PSM audits for large oil and gas companies throughout the United States.

  • Assisted clients with federal and state PSM and RMP compliance audits.

  • Overall regulatory (safety and PSM/RMP) compliance audits at numerous facilities for large gas processing company.

  • Wrote operating procedures for approximately 20 gas processing, gas treating and gas storage facilities to meet PSM/RMP compliance requirements.

  • Wrote operating procedures for large E&P company for their large centralized production sites.

  • Performed process safety analyses of gas turbine facilities located throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

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